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Saving the mysticism an old tradition of producing rugs, warm colors and the designs reflect the pretentious raw beauty and engaging the imagination of the Afghan tribes.


The challenge of combining the expertise of Chinese craftsmen to convoluted Aubusson designs of European tradition was fully overcome by developing a collection of classic essence of high quality in the simple luxury and traditional is characteristic of modernity.


Considered by its wealth geographical, religious and cultural one subcontinent alone, India is a country of contrasts that is now a manufacturing center of excellence in upholstery, such as Indo Jaipur.


There are about 65 known types of Persian rugs for this country, of which we consider most important: Afshari, Ardebil Bakhtiar, Beloutch, Bidjar, Fereghan, Gashgay, Gabeh, Hamadan, Heriz, Hosseinabad, Isfahan, Keshan, Kirman, Mahal , Mashhad, Moudi, Nain, Qum, Sarough, Sehn, Shiraz, Tabriz and Yalameh.


There are other areas of rug production, but given the limited production, we do not consider.


Of the regions best known internationally can make a distinction by qualities:

  • Tabriz, Isfahan, Nain and Qum - classified, in general, especially as fine rugs and high quality;
  • Bakhtiar, Bidjar, Keshan, Kirman, and Sehn moud - classified, in general, as good quality rugs and dense;
  • Afshari, Ardebil, Beloutch, Gashgay, Heriz, Mahal, Mashhad and Yalameh - classified, in general, as rugs of reasonable quality and medium density;
  • Hamadan, Shiraz and Hosseinabad - considered as medium-quality rugs and low density are quite competitive on price.


The Kingdom of Nepal is a place where the manual production still remains intact, preserving a long tradition of Oriental rugs of great quality and beauty. With the best wool of the Tibetan Highlands and New Zealand, Nepal Rugs offer a great comfort and beauty to any decor, whether classic or contemporary style.


In this country the border between Europe and Asia there are several areas to produce rugs, the most important: Anatolia, Azeri, Balikesir, Bergama, Doesemalti, Ghiordes, Hereke, Kars Kazak, Kaysery, Konya, Ladik, Milas, uShaka, Sivas , Taspinar, Yahyali, Yagcebedir, Yuruk.

In all these areas highlight the region for producing Hereke rugs considered by many experts as the finest and most beautiful produced to date.


Highlands of Central Asia inhabited by nomadic tribes who spread the art of ancestral rugs of Balochistan to Punjab Valleys, sell the best quality products from world-famous Chub, whose word means "pure" in Farsi and Urdu.

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