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Care advice
Care advice

Leather Rug

A leather rug is an exclusive and unique product. Therefore, it requires special care, and it´s not recommended for use in areas of intensive traffic, which could damage a part of the product permanently.

The skins should only be vacuumed and brushed with soft bristle brush in regular movements and in the direction of the hair, to keep them clean of dust and dirt.

You may also use a cloth slighty dampened with a soap and water solution to remove any dirt or stain.

For regular maintenance, use the same technique, but only with water and a little vinegar, which helps keeping the hair look shinier due to the regularization of PH.


Some advice for use and maintenance:

-          Never wash the skin or wet it at all.

-          Never use alcohol or solvents to clean the skin

-          Avoid exposure to sunlight and very intense lights.

-          Avoid placing the skin in dirty places or high humidity spaces

-          Avoid cleaning the skin with abrasive materials such as hard brushes or abrasive sponges

-          Avoid cleaning the skin with steam cleaning equipment.

-          This type of skins is not recommended for areas of heavy traffic.


Important Information:

The warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, cuts or damage caused accidentally or indirectly, by intentional or negligent use, inappropriate cleaning products or improper cleaning methods.


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