Quality Policy

M.A. Salgueiro’s Management understands that the Customer is the basis of everything that the company does, so it’s satisfaction is the base of business success. Therefore, the company policy is oriented to providing products according to specifications and customer requirements.


The company is committed to complying with legal and regulatory requirements and to continually improve the quality management system implemented, aiming to provide services increasingly better, not admitting to privilege costs in any event, in prejudice of quality.


The achievement of the Quality Policy is a reference to this company, which M.A. Salgueiro’s Administration considers a pillar of the company´s strategy, undertakes, in addition to established and reviewing quality objectives, with the envolment all of the following basic – principles:



Customer satisfaction:

Providing products according to specifications and customer requirements.


Employee satisfaction and envolvement:

Promotion and enhancement of teamwork, with the use of effective communications, sharing of success and personal satisfaction


Guidance for interested parties:

Active collaboration with suppliers and others shareholders in order to achieve an integration of common interests, that ensures mutual success.


Continuous Improvement:

Creating a work environment that fosters a constant creativity, innovation and development processes.


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